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11th European Symposium for the Protection of the Night Sky - 6th-8th October 2011 in Osnabrück, Germany

11th European Symposium for the Protection of the Night Sky - 6th-8th October 2011 in Osnabrück, Germany


Thursday 6th

15:30 Registration


Measuring Light Pollution 1

Talks and workshop

16:00 The first light pollution map for the city of Amsterdam - Henk Spoelstra NL
› presentation (pdf, 1.1mb)
16:20 Variability in measurements of the darkness - Wim Schmidt, NL
› presentation (pdf, 603kb)
16:40 Effects of atmospheric conditions on night sky brightness - D.E. Lolkema, M. Haaima, P.N. den Outer, H. Spoelstra, NL
› presentation (pdf, 883kb)
17:00 Night Sky Brightness Monitoring Network in Hong Kong -Jason C. S. Pun, Mr Chu-wing SO, Mr Terry C. F. Wong (via Skype)
› presentation (pdf, 646kb)
17:20 Long-term Multispectral Measurement of Skyglow Using Sky Quality Meters - Christopher CM Kyba, Thomas Ruhtz, Jürgen Fischer, Franz Hölker, D
› presentation (pdf, 632kb)


Dinner (Museum)

  Planetarium + Guide through the museum
  SQM calibration (BuioMetria Partecipativa, BMP)
  IDA International Committee meeting (Martin Morgan-Taylor)

Friday 7th



  Bürgermeister Burkhard Jasper, mayor of Osnabrück
PD Dr. Walter Bleeker, president natural science association Osnabrück
Bob Parks, executive director IDA


Lighting and Society

9:30 Changing the culture of urban Light at Night (LAN): Or: "Is your research funded by muggers and rapists?" - Margaret Grose and Clare Mouat, University of Melbourne, Australia
› presentation (pdf, 307kb)
9:45 Slovenia has survived 4 years since adoption of light pollution legislation - Andrej Mohar, Slovenia
› presentation (pdf, 1.4mb)
10:05 Dark Sky ("Ciemne Niebo") Program in Poland - Julia Romanowska
› presentation (pdf, 3.8mb)
10:20 What is the Effect of Public Lighting on Public Safety? - Paul Marchant, UK
› presentation (pdf, 118kb)
10:40 Educational Activities for Dark-Sky in Japan - Nobuaki Ochi, Japan
› presentation (pdf, 1.1mb)


Coffee Break



Measuring Light Pollution 2

11:30 Measurement of Night Sky Brightness in Turkey - Z. Aslan et al.
› presentation (pdf, 1.3mb)
11:50 First observations of the polarization of urban sky glow - Christopher CM Kyba, Thomas Ruhtz, Jürgen Fischer, Franz Hölker
12:10 Participatory dark sky quality monitoring in Italy - Andrea Giacomelli, Francesco Giubbilini, Francesca Manenti
› presentation (pdf, 1.4mb)


Lunch (Kreishaus-Kantine)



Measuring Light Pollution 3

13:30 Development and applications of a light pollution calculation tool - M. van Asten, W. Gerritsen, R. Schmidt, W. Schmidt, H. Spoelstra.
› presentation (pdf, 2.7mb)
13:50 Light pollution in Belgium: general status and a low-cost city evaluation project - Thierry Hanon-Degroote, Belgium
› presentation (pdf, 1.9mb)
14:05 Light pollution in the near infrared - Zeljko Andreic, Doroteja Andreic and Kresimir Pavlic
› presentation (pdf, 2.0mb)
14:20 The Night Sky Brightness Network in The Netherlands - D.E. Lolkema, M. Haaima, G.R. van der Hoff, P.N. den Outer, H. Spoelstra, W. Schmidt, NL
› presentation (pdf, 1.9mb)
14:40 Importance of nearby lighting on light pollution - Andrej Mohar, Slovenia
› presentation (pdf, 1.5mb)
14:55 The protection of the night in Italy -Fabio Falchi (Skype)
› presentation (pdf, 2.1mb)


Coffee Break



Planning Lighting 1

15:45 Lighting Masterplan – An appropriate tool to reduce light pollution? - Dennis Köhler, Dortmund, D
› presentation (pdf, 1.9mb)
16:00 The Control of Obtrusive Light Through a Combined Approach: Guidance as well as Law - Martin Morgan-Taylor, Leicester Univ., UK
› presentation (pdf, 1.1mb)
16:15 Light Pollution Law in France - Pierre Brunet, F
› presentation (pdf, 146kb)
16:30 Lighting plan and LED lighting in Osnabrück - M. Haselof, Stadtwerke Osnabrück, A. Hänel, D
› presentation (pdf, 785kb)


Excursion (coach)

17:30 Megalithic tomb Jeggener Steine
18:30 Dinner (Eichenhof/Wersche)
20:30 Observatory (~600m by foot)
22:00 LED-Lighting Osnabrück Immelmannweg/Richthofenweg (~1km by foot)
23:30 End

Saturday 8th


Planning Lighting 2

9:15 Villes et villages etoiles - Nicolas Bessolaz, F (presented by Pierre Brunet)
› presentation (pdf, 982kb)
9:30 Light Vision of the Province Westflanders - Friedel Pas, B
› presentation (pdf, 1.4mb)
9:45 Simulation and Analysis of Light Trespass of Advertising Signs on the Shophouse in Taiwan - Chen-Ying Ho, Hsien-Te Lin, Kuang-Yu Huang
› presentation (pdf, 709kb)
10:00 A study of Light Trespass from Advertising Signs on building facade in Taiwan - Kuang-Yu Huang, Hsien-Te Lin, Chen-Ying Ho
› presentation (pdf, 1.1mb)
10:15 Keeping the Stars in Our Eyes: A GLOBE at Night Campaign Update - Connie Walker, USA
› presentation (pdf, 1.6mb)
10:30 Touch the Cosmos: The 2011 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest - Connie Walker, USA
› presentation (pdf, 1.6mb)


Coffee Break



Artificial Lighting and Nature

11:15 Insects meet LEDs - A Field Study Survey - Gerhard Eisenbeis, Mainz, D
11:40 Insects and public lighting - Paula Parikrupova, Jan Kondziolka, CZ
› presentation (pdf, 749kb)
11:55 Artificial Night Lighting Affects Dawn Song, Extra-Pair Siring Success, and Lay Date in Songbirds - Lotte Schlicht, MPI Ornithology, D
› presentation (pdf, 1.2mb)
12:10 Night-time obstruction lighting for offshore (and onshore) wind farms and birds: demands from different interest groups - Jan Blew, Husum, D
› presentation (pdf, 1.8mb)


Lunch (Kreishaus-Kantine)



Dark Sky Parks

13:30 Light Pollution's Effect on Wildlife in Tucson, Arizona (USA) - Connie Walker, USA
› presentation (pdf, 5.8mb)
13:50 Qualifying Dark Sky Parks - Zoltan Kollath, Hungary
› presentation (pdf, 2.4mb)
14:30 Dark Sky Parks in the UK - Martin Morgan-Taylor, Leicester Univ., UK
› presentation (pdf, 1.1mb)
14:50 Dark Sky Park Rhön - Sabine Frank, D
› presentation (pdf, 3.7mb)
15:10 Dark Sky Parks Germany - Andreas Hänel, D
› presentation (pdf, 4.1mb)





IDA matters: Report, Awards, next conference

16:00 IDA updates, Bob Parks, IDA
› presentation (pdf, 168kb)
16:30 IDA Europe – Friedel Pas
› presentation (pdf, 1.9mb)
16:45 Discussion IDA matters
17:15 IDA Awards – Friedel Pas
› presentation (pdf, 1.2mb)
17:30 12th Symposium 2012 – Julia Romanowska
› presentation (pdf, 6.4mb)
  IAU General Assembly, Beijing 2012 / Special Session on Light Pollution - Connie Walker, USA
› presentation (pdf, 197kb)
Bonus: Light in Vienna - Günther Wuchterl (who could not participate in the symposium)
› presentation (pdf, 2.1mb)
18:30 Walk to the conference Dinner restaurant (1.2km by foot)


Conference Dinner (Huxmühle)


Sunday 9th

10:00 Tour through the old city centre, meeting in front of the City Hall (B. Hänel)
Christopher Kyba and Helga Kuechly, Berlin: Light Pollution Map of Berlin
Paul Marchant: Potential Hazards of Artificial Light at Night
BuioMetria Partecipativa
Light Pollution exhibition Osnabrück
Siteco - an Osram Business Bingo Umweltstiftung Niedersachsen Stadtwerke Osnabrück

This program is also available as a PDF (printer-friendly, 513kb):
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